APA (American psychological association) provides a standard of various styles for document creation purpose.

The term APA stands for American psychological association, which is the major style used for the documentation purpose. The APA style was mostly used in social sciences. The APA style generator can create or generate a template for abstract, the title page, references and body of the document. the APA generator can create the  title page, the body of document, holder for the abstract, sorting and formatting the references at APA style.

APA styles are the set of rules followed by the authors while publishing their papers for american psychological association journals. The APA association states that certain styles have been created for assisting the reading comprehension for the behavioral and social sciences in order to achieve a high clarity of communication, also to move forward the idea “maximum precision and minimum distraction”. The publication manual released by American psychological association includes the guidelines which explain every aspect in writing a paper, especially in the field of social sciences. The first publication manual released by the APA during 1929, this manual was a 7-page document. This manual contains the set of procedures which increases the easiness in reading the comprehension created within a sponsorship from the National Research Council, United States. The originators of the National Research Council, United States include the following persons like psychologists, publishing professionals and anthropologists. During 1952, this 7-page document has been expanded as a 55-page document with psychological bulletin. The revised editions of this manual were released in 1957 and also in 1967.  The first edition was created by covering various options like word choice, grammar, formatting, punctuation, “wrapping and shipping”, and journal publication policies. In accordance with the emerging complexities in scientific reporting, the manuals were released during the consecutive years. With the help of APA generator, a set of guidelines which reduces biasing of the language has been updated for many consecutive years and currently a practical guidance was been included with the manual  used for writing about ethnicity, race, gender, sexual orientation, age and disability status.


The sixth edition publication manual of American psychological association was released during 2009. This revised publication manual of american psychological association was designed based on user comments, published criticism, input from psychologists, commissioned reviews, input from nurses, business leaders, librarians, APA governance groups and publishing professionals. A task force was assigned to a group of members (4 – 9) members to work over the ares called bias-free language, statistics, ethics, graphics, reporting standards for journal article, and writing styles. The revised sixth edition of the publication manual by American psychological association also includes guidance for expanded ethics on determining the authorship quality, plagiarism, self-plagiarism and also about sharing data. Other areas included are databases, grammar and usage, lists, lettered lists, bulleted lists and numbered lists. The papers or the articles which are designed based on the revised editionof the publication manual from  (APA) American psychologicl association, always includes the following sections namely: abstract, references, text, footnotes, tables and figures.